Handmade Scarf-Khata With 8 Auspicious Symbol Prints.

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The khata symbolizes purity and compassion and are worn or presented with incense at many ceremonial occasions, including births, weddings, funerals, graduations and the arrival or departure of guests. It is usually made of silk. Tibetan Khatas with 8 auspicious symbols consisting of a pair of fish, parasol (umbrella), treasure vase, lotus flower, conch shell, endless knot, victory banner, and a wheel that represent the offerings made to Shakyamuni Buddha upon his enlightenment. It is a well-known custom in Tibetan Buddhism of presenting Khatas to express non-tangible feelings such as love, care, respect, faith, devotion, gratitude, concern, and good wishes that can be limited by ones expression in words or actions.It can be offered for so many different purposes, like to the Buddha’s images, people who are getting married, and to wish people a happy life when moving to new houses and so on. This ceremonial scarf can also be used for unfortunate or sad events like funeral or when the body is taken from home to the sky-burial place. This signifies that our pure wishes and prayers are always there for this person to have a better next life and will be remembered. For offering the Khata to the other people, we have several different but traditional rules. If you are offering to people with the same social status or around the same age, it is usually to put the khata around his/her neck. If the person has higher position, or they are senior ones, then you can put it in his/her hand, which means you are respecting the person. Most importantly, people offer the Khata towards the Buddha, which shows their pure faith and high respect to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.


  • Tibetan Khatas with 8 auspicious symbols
  • Approx size: 160 cm x 48 cm
  • Tibetan Silk Scarf / Khata/ Khada with lucky signs
  • Offering ceremonial scarf
  • Note: Product can be slightly different from photo.

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